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Ryobi Pressure Washer Home Depot Recalled

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Howdy Pressure Clean Freaks,

My favorite Ryobi pressure washer at Home Depot appears to be on recall. Ryobi 3300psi 2.5gpm Honda Engine Pressure washer is in an elite class of it's own in terms of power and price. I mainly use it for smaller residential jobs to get to tight spots and maneuverability. I was hopping to replace my old one that I loved very much but looks like it's going to be a wait! It is now impossible to purchase at any Home Depots at least between Sarasota and Naples. Note, Ryobi products are almost exclusively sold at Home Depot, so if you want to buy it new and not used/refurbished like other sights, Home Depot is the primary and best place to go. I was able to find the Ryobi 3300psi Honda Engine for sale on Amazon but just keep in mind that one is NOT directly from the Amazon warehouse, so quality is perhaps less guaranteed! It is sold on Amazon through a third party seller so you'll have to check out their reviews and see if it's for you. Personally, I'll keep using my tried and true Ryobi Honda from Home Depot previous stock until they return hopefully. For those of you who are in a pinch and need it or just really want it NOW, I included the link to the Amazon page below.

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