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What is Power Washing Pressure wash?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Howdy Pressure Clean Freaks,

Power washing is one of my absolute favorite ways to clean tough surfaces! Power washing uses highly pressurized water to help remove dirt and other materials from hard surface. It does stop there though. Power washing stands out and shines as a pressure washing technique because it uses heat to help clean! The heated water helps to loosen up the dirt and unwanted surface material making your job go faster. The combination of high pressure and the high temperature of the water make power washing far superior at blasting away dirt and most stuck on material from tough outside surfaces such as pavers sidewalks driveways parking lots and concrete. Power washing can even be safely used on patio floors and decks. Power washing takes very specialized expensive equipment to do and typically cannot be done on non commercial grade pressure washers. Even most commercial grade pressure washers are not built to heat the water component and most pressure washing is done with cold water. If power washing is chosen though you will certainly notice the difference in time and efficiency. Just make sure you use it on tougher surfaces and be mindful and gentle of your more delicate surfaces.

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