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What is soft wash Pressure washing?

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Howdy Pressure Clean Freaks,

So I get asked by a lot of my customers, "hey Derrick, what's a soft wash pressure washing and when do I need it". The answer is depends on what you are having done and the results you are looking for. Soft washing is like the name sounds! Think of soft washing as a gentle wash for fragile parts on or around a home or business. Soft washing was originally mostly used for cleaning mildew bacteria algae pollen moss and other organics off roof shingles but the practice has expanded due to it's practicality and safety. Now soft washing is used for an extremely wider range of applications including awnings, stucco, solar panels, windows and and window frames and patio screens and framing. Soft washing utilizes a special low-pressure nozzle on the end of the pressure washing gun or wand to get the job done gently. Consequently, because low pressure is used to soft wash, a biodegradable chemical has to be used in conjunction with the water to effectively clean the stuck on organics. The biodegradable chemical chosen MUST be both safe on your home and safe for your grass plants and pets. It is very important that you use only use the highest quality products and chemicals and minimizes exposure while maximizing clean!

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